Customized Telehealth Solutions

Derek Cahill

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cahill has over 15 years of operations, marketing and product development experience working for both Fortune 200 and high-growth/start-up healthcare and technology companies. Mr. Cahill previously worked for PacifiCare Health Systems, HealthDemographics and

Working for PacifiCare Health Systems, Mr. Cahill implemented the first electronic regulatory filings for PacifiCare’s & Secure Horizon’s commercial and senior product lines using a customized geographic information system (GIS) to pinpoint patient access for hospitals and medical groups.

As VP of Product Development for HealthDemographics, Mr. Cahill was responsible for all product development, product delivery and IT operations overseeing marketing, business development, customer service and quality assurance teams. Mr. Cahill successfully launched three versions of HealthDemographic’s Avenir product line, a customized GIS system for hospitals and medical device manufacturers. Notable clients included Columbia HCA, Kaiser, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, LensCrafters, and many others. HealthDemographics was purchased by Medirisk (Nasdaq: MDMD).

As CTO/CIO of Medibuy, Mr. Cahill developed the first online B2B healthcare supply chain product for Fortune 1000 healthcare clients. Medibuy received over $100 million in venture funding from Kleiner-Perkins, Sequoia, Oak Investments and others. Mr. Cahill was integral in Medibuy’s early development, growing the company from 5 to over 400+ employees, growing the initial customer base and developing the design and architecture for the first three versions of the online product.

James Donahue

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Mr. Donahue has been our director and president since September 2014. Prior to joining our company Mr. Donahue was president of MS2 Group West from 2008 to 2009 where he establish medical strategies and systems to expand hospital emergency room operations with improved revenues and profits through enhanced process and procedures. He served as president of ATC Healthcare from 2007 to 2008 where he was responsible for grow and expand existing healthcare lines in travel and per diem. He served as president of TeamStaffRx from 2006 to 2007 were he was responsible for growth, development and profitability to its parent Allied Healthcare. He served as COO for Telecom Relocation Services, Inc. from 2004 to 2006 where he created new infrastructure for private Voice, Data and Fiber Optics. Since 2009, Mr. Donahue currently owns and operates his own coffee cafe. Mr. Donahue obtained his BBA in Marketing and Management from Washburn University. and a Graduate Studies in Law from Washburn University.